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Romnobama - An Echo, not a Choice

As most observant people know, the Republican Party is really, really good at one thing. Namely, picking awful Presidential candidates.

The list is impressive in recent political history. Starting with John McCain in the last contest and stretching all the way back to Nixon, it's been one disaster after another even when they won the general election. The sole exception was, of course, Ronald Reagan.

Most of those elected were even worse Presidents than they were candidates. Of course it should be noted that the Democratic candidates were even more pitiful. As truly horrible as I think George W. Bush was, I shudder to think of what history might look like if there was a President Gore or Kerry or Dukakis.

But the Republican "big tent" circus has produced a lot of clowns, that's for sure. The question now is; are they working on it again for the next cycle? It sure looks like it from my viewpoint, since at this point, the two people most talked about in that context are Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.

C'mon people, can't we do better than that? Whatever you think of those two personally, it is hard to imagine that they are the best America can come up with to carry the "smaller government, personal freedom, free market" banner in 2012.

In fact, the biggest of the big issues Republicans will be campaigning on, the government takeover of the healthcare industry, Romney looks so much like Obama I have given him a new name, Romnobama.

David Boaz and Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute make that case in the video below. What do you think?

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Wolfgang Sheehy said...

Here here.
The guy's a phony baloney.
Total three dollar bill.
Fantastic video.