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Bagging the Impostors

The weather should be great tomorrow in Chicago, more like summer than April 15th. At least the weather man thinks so. So I think I'll go hunting.

Ok, maybe just observing because tomorrow is also tax day. And also a nice day for a Tea Party. Actually, just a rally of those far out kooks, the Americans who have finally had enough of the big government nanny state taxing and spending. That combination should make it a good hunting day for Tea party impostors down in the Daley Center.

When I was a kid, almost every adult in this country paid income taxes. There were always a few unfortunate (or unfortunately lazy) adults who didn't pay anything. Instead they received from the pockets of the producers. That number was small.

Now-a-days, it's almost 50/50, taxpayers to receivers. 49% pay no income tax at all according to the latest figures. Not to mention (once again) that 10% of the taxpayers pay 70% of all the income taxes.

Naturally, the payers get a tad testy when banks, auto companies, insurance companies, unions and real estate speculators end up with their earnings. So on tax day, they complain. Usually in small numbers which the proponents of big government in the media ignore every year. Except for last year because the numbers got too large to hide anymore, and with the government takeover of your healthcare decisions and it's attendant TRILLIONS of dollars in deficit spending, this year the rally will be even larger.

This makes those on the left go even crazier than normal, and in Chicago, that means dragging out that age old tactic of joining the protesters, pretending to be part of the movement, and then doing something insane, like carrying racist signs or shouting out threats or epithets. The bright idea is to make your opponents look like fringe lunatics in order to discredit them before your allies in the leftist press. It will work too. (at least with the nitwits in the press)

But not with actual people, because this time it's different.

I'll be at the Tea Party rally and I'll be watching for the reaction of the real citizens in the movement if some impostors show up to do their dirt. They have plans to do so, you can read about it here and here. One can only hope they get shouted down and "outed."

After all, the inference of silence is assent.

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Wolfgang Sheehy said...

Well said Grant !!!