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Sox and Cubs Fans Agree on One Thing

No one who knows me would say I am a "good" baseball fan. By Chicago standards I'm pretty pathetic. But I enjoy the occasional day at the park even if it means getting ripped off big time for a beer and a Polish sausage. And I follow the standings in the papers on an irregular basis and watch a few innings of a few games before falling asleep in front of the TV.

In some circles I am a pariah because I don't hate the Cubs even though I'm a Sox fan and a lifelong south-sider. And I will admit to having enjoyed myself at Wrigley Field on many occasions. It's a great ballpark.

I root for both teams except when they play each other.  For me, a dream scenario would be for the Cubs to end up in the World Series before getting crushed by the Sox so they could be frustrated for another century or so. It serves them right for having a different street numbering system than south-siders.

But it seems folks like me are in a tiny minority. Most Chicagoans take up sides as part of their identities and never agree on anything. But I think there is one thing they both can agree on. And that is, they can name their favorite players, even if they aren't rabid fans. Most folks have more than one and the only problem would be choosing their most favorite one.

But yesterday we found out that the self proclaimed "biggest Sox fan in the country," can't even remember the name of one player on his favorite team, or the correct name of the park his team plays in. Maybe because, like everything else politicians say and do, it's phony nonsense designed to send some message.

One thing is certain, the President loves to filibuster, even if he detests it's use in the Senate. After all, if you don't know the answer to the question, just answer a different one nobody asked, and take a long time doing it.
And one other thing is certain, I just couldn't pass up the chance to have some fun at the Presidents expense.

If Ronald Reagan had been standing in front of "Cominsky" Park instead of the Berlin wall, he probably would have said, President Obama, tear off that Sox cap.


Sara said...

That is painfully hilarious! I can see that he is trying so hard to align himself with those blue collar, hard working southsiders even though he has no idea who those people are. Actually, I think he does know who those people are and wouldn't really deign to be too near them.

I myself cling to guns, religion and southside baseball and now that my homie Thome is gone, I'll probably pull for A.J. along with my husband.

Grant Davies said...

Your husband plays for the White Sox! How cool, I'll pull for him too!

Oh, I get it,,,never mind....


Sara said...

Ha ha, very funny!

Skooks said...

Oh my. Cominskey? Really?

Grant Davies said...

John Kass wrote an article about it today! I scooped him by a day! (maybe he reads my posts and is a copy cat)

Wolfgang Sheehy said...

There's only 2 things major league about this guy: 1. He's a major league phony baloney, and
2. he's a major league communist.