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Honestly, Will "The Chicago Way" Undo The Obama Presidency?

I wouldn't bet a nickel on it but it will be interesting to see where the story leads and who if anyone will spend time in prison for trying to rig the election in Pennsylvania.

Here in Illinois such crimes by governors like Blago certainly end up with TV offers and less certainly end with convictions. And the people who elect folks like the dim witted Mayor of Chicago and the slightly less dim Cook County Board President simply don't care or maybe don't even consider it criminal to rig elections, or political jobs, or almost everything else that goes on here. Putting that aside, taking the "Chicago Way" national by offering a bribe to a U S Congressman to exit a primary election may possibly be over the top.

Congressman Joe Sestak (D) of Pennsylvania's 7th District, a former U S Navy three star admiral, has repeatedly charged that he was offered a job in the Obama administration if he dropped out of the Senate primary in order to pave the way for Arlen Specter to remain Senator. Arlen gets rewarded for turn-coating from Republican to Democrat, Sestak gets a cushy government job and the people get defrauded, as usual. All is static.

Except that it didn't work out that way for the "most transparent administration" in history. It seems they forgot to make sure Sestak kept his mouth shut like a good little Mafia soldier. That may turn out to be a politically fatal miscalculation for Rahm Emmanuel and Company. Maybe he should send him a dead fish. He has done that before, but I must confess I'm not sure how that worked out for him the first time. This time, no fish that we know of, but Sestak ended up as the Democratic candidate for Senator. And Specter, well, he faces the specter of life in a retirement home.

Anyway, old Joe spilled the beans and now it's time for the media to run the cover-up for their fellow lefties in the White House. The smart money is on them to succeed.

If not, and the trail leads back to Dopey Hopey, he could be impeached. That won't happen even if he did it. But like I said, it will be interesting to watch, just like the video below.

Developing story...........


Anonymous said...

This is so common the outrage has been used up.
But if this won't get him, something similar will. It's a horse race between end of term/electoral annihilation and impeachment.
Clinton was slick enough to stay one step ahead. This guy ain't even close.
We'll know the house is falling when they dump Emmanuel.

Grant Davies said...

I agree. As Charles Krauthammer has said, "It is only possible to be disillusioned if you were once illusioned."
That certainly applies to this development.