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I Can't Recall the Devilish Details

When you get to be in the last stage of middle age like I am, you begin to notice that recalling things (like what you had for breakfast or why you entered the room you occupy) is not as easy as it once was. It's a little worrisome at this age, but it does have its good points too. For instance, I wish I could forget what has happened since the last two Presidents and their minions decided that government wasn't big or active enough. Or the name of the last elected Governor of Illinois.

It's hard trying to remember some things while trying to forget others. But just as long as I don't forget to vote (and bring a rational friend with me) in a few weeks, I'll be less worried about it than usual. Which brings up the subject of  "Recall." The electoral type, not the memory type. The type which is on the ballot in Illinois in a few weeks.

Like many of you, I'm very much in favor of having the ability to recall incompetent and crooked politicians who were elected fair and square in an equally fair and square recall vote before they can do even more harm to the citizens who voted for them in the first place. I mean, everyone should have the ability to admit a mistake and correct it in a timely fashion. What I am most assuredly NOT in favor of, is the sham law which has been proposed as a remedy to Blagoitis.

Like a lot of things, it's good from far, but far from good. Who could be against the ability to recall elected officials when appropriate? Well, the elected officials who have shielded themselves from it with this proposal to name just one group. You see, the details are always the devil, particularly in Illinois.

As it turns out, the only one who could be recalled under this law is the Governor. What a shock! And the details make it so hard to get it on the ballot that if we had to rely on it to recall Blago, he would still be conducting his reality show as Governor instead of defendant. I can picture him now glad handing the political groupies on his way to get his hair dry cleaned.

Even in the most cynical state in the union, this sham gets the prize. But many otherwise well-informed people will vote for it because it sounds good. And even though rational folks were irate that none of their Representatives or Senators read the details of the Obamacare travesty before they voted for it, they are about to make the same mistake. I confess that under different circumstances with less time on my hands I might have been one of them.

Of course the stakes aren't very high on this one, but nevertheless, not letting the local politicians make fools of us once again is important too. And there is disagreement even among those who have done some research on the ballot measure. The Chicago Tribune for instance has spent time reading it and has endorsed it in today's paper even though they wrote a substantial op-ed about it spending all but twelve words telling you why it is a terrible law. The twelve words urge you to vote for it anyway. Go figure.

As for me, this site is dedicated to more freedom and less government and I fail to see how this law will give the citizens more freedom or make for a smaller government. It gives politicians more power and makes us ask their permission to recall the crooks and incompetents. I urge you to read the Tribune endorsement, consider the information found in it, and then reject the advice.

After all, they also endorsed Rod Blowdryavich.

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