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I Left My Foreskin in San Francisco

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The following is from the great new blog Somewhat Reasonable, which is part of the Heartland Institute.

The lead singer of Jefferson Airplane once said, or sang, “San Francisco is 49 square miles surrounded by reality.” That has never been more true.

From the legislature that has brought to us innovative, freedom-loving ideas like (and I wish this didn’t require a bulleted list):

The Happy Meal ban, and
Cell phone radiation warnings on packaging (attempted), and
Soda-free summers, and
Incredibly overbearing smoking ban (no smoking at ATM, movie theater lines, your apartment vents or windows, etc), and
Free needle exchanges for drug addicts, and
Meatless Mondays,

… comes the most nutty idea yet. San Francisco legislators have begun work on a comprehensive ban on circumcision.

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at Somewhat 

Marc Oestrich is Heartland’s legislative specialist on education and telecommunications.

Posted by Grant Davies

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Anonymous said...

WAKOS! I wrote about this story in my post of the other day, "Stories from the Dark Side". I ask asked if it were possible vote California out of the Union.

BTW, I enjoyed how handled Marcotte the other day. It was great.

I hope you and your family had a happy Thanksgiving.