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White Americans Don't Like Black Presidents

Larry Elder
 At least that is what a couple of obese white guys think. And what a certain black guy disputes with facts and figures.

The obese white guys are Rob Reiner and Michael Moore who specialize in video novels and the black guy is Larry Elder the controversial writer and radio talk show host who specializes in saying things other people generally don't have the guts to say. In fact he wrote a wonderful book a few years back titled The Ten Things You Can't Say in America. I recommend it highly.

Larry has a great hobby as well. In his spare time he enjoys refuting all the nonsense that Michael Moore spreads around. (Not as enjoyable as golf, but to each his own I guess.)  To that end  Larry "created, directed and produced his first film, “Michael & Me,” a documentary that examines the history and use of guns in America. It was released in August, 2005." The film repudiates the drivel that Moore dribbles in his own film titled "Bowling For Columbine."

So now we get Moore's assertion while appearing on the goofy TV program "Real Time with Bill Maher" that "White America does not like having a black president."  Maher gave evidence of his regular delusional conclusion when he agreed, "That is the truth." For his part the ever clear thinking Reiner expressed his fear that the Tea Party would choose a new "Hitler" as their leader. Thank goodness we have these two guys around when we need them.

You can read Elder's article, which appeared in the Investors Business Daily as well as on the net on Nov. 19th. and decide for yourself what to think about Moore's assertion but I'm already guessing you didn't buy into the nonsense of the above title.
Read it here.

*quoted from Elders website


Left Coast Rebel said...

Larry Elder is a true patriot, definitely one of my favorite spokesman for liberty too...

Grant Davies said...

I have had the pleasure of speaking to him personally. It was an honor. A clear thinker, we need more of them.