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"Americans are Terrorists" - Obama Friend

Everyone has heard the saying about the pot calling the kettle black. And it's true many times. But today I ran across the best example of it I have ever seen.

A "friend" on my facebook list, a person who I don't know, but who "friended" me because of this blog had a posting today featuring a video of an interview of a known terrorist, who happens to be an American, berating America as a "Terrorist Empire.
The terrorist is close Obama (actual) friend BERNARDIN DOHRN. She should know I guess.

Most of you older readers know of her from when she used to declare war on the US, promote communism, and go around blowing up buildings as terrorists did in the 1960's in this country.

Some of you younger readers, particularly those who continue to swoon over Obama, will need to bone up on her history so you can craft rationalizations about why Obama is not really close to her and cannot be connected to her and her terrorist husband William Ayers. That way you can feel good about supporting this leftist boob for another term while America swirls the bowl.

The "friend" whose FB page called attention to this video is a person who has a page called Freedom Crossing. And the title of the post is;

The subtitle is;
This woman’s living room is where the 'President' of the United States launched his political career.

The video is below and you can judge for yourself what it all means and if it's important or not.

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Anonymous said...

that pretty much tells us who Obama is, doen't it?