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Saving Medicare - Who Has a Plan and Who Doesn't?

Hat tip to Matson's Roll Call for the Image

Saving a system that should never have been created in the first place is not the kind of thing I have ever advocated in the past. Having said that, political reality is somewhat more compelling than ideological purity at a time when America is on the edge of financial and moral collapse. And I don't believe that is hyperbole.

President Obama and his party had finally found what they consider to be their winning issue in the next all important election. They believe that if they use the tried and true scare tactics of the past concerning entitlement programs that they will be able to make people forget the failures of their economic policies and the attending astronomical unemployment and real estate foreclosure rates.

The two videos found below are from Republicans, but I think we should overlook that unfortunate coincidence and focus on the main points they make. A third video (by Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute) which some of you may have already watched is on the sidebar and is also worth your time.

The main thing to remember about the only proposal so far is that NO ONE AGE 55 OR OLDER WOULD BE AFFECTED BY THIS REFORM PROPOSAL.

It may take you a few minutes of your precious time to view these, but that is the difference between the informed people and the people who have caused these problems by voting for personalities instead of ideas. If you read this blog regularly you are probably in the first group already, but now is no time to enlist in the second group.

Hard choices have to be made, and very soon. Is doing nothing really an option?


Anonymous said...

I'm getting very frustrated with the Republicans. It seems to me they don't know how to fight. I think the word is whooses or something like that. When are they going to take their message to the people instead of arguing with the other idiots across the asile. They need to be addressing the people and saying :

Look we have a budget. The Democrats don't like it. So where is the Democrat budget? They don't have one.

We have a plan to save Medicare. The Democrats don't like it. So where is the Democrat plan. They don't have one.

We have a plan to stop the spiriling gasoline prices. The Democrats don't like it. So where is their plan. Oh, they have a plan to increase gasoline prices even faster.

Etc., etc.,etc.

Sorry. I just needed to get that off my chest.

Keep the faith, my friend.

Liberty's Rest Blog said...

I don't blame you there, conservativesonfire.

Thanks for the videos. There are great links and have good information. I agree with the idea that people are more concerned about their political careers than doing the right thing. The question is what to do about it. I have tried to address this a few times on my blog as well, but it is a tough question as to how to curb human ambition.

Grant Davies said...

@Liberty's Rest,

Term limits would go a long way in that regard.

So would reforming the pensions of elected officials. Like maybe eliminating them. They have become a huge entitlement program for politicians.

All the perks should be "short termed." For starters, they should never have a seperate healthcare system.