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Three Items That Have Nothing to Do With The Obama/Osama Headlines

Having resisted the urge to join the "comment cacophony" on the Osama/Obama news that knocked the Trump/Birth Certificate non-news off the front pages, I think it's time to bring a few different items up for contemplation.

The items have gotten buried and pushed aside by the admittedly interesting news that Osama bin Laden has a much more open mind nowadays. So while everyone else is focusing on that, allow me to try to refocus/distract you by talking about some other things that have been happening.

One interesting (but under-reported) incident that the left leaning media has been happy to see get buried was the "news" that there were no riots/massive demonstrations, no fleeing and hiding out elected officials, no mob takeover of the capitol building and no teacher "sick-ins" in Massachusetts after a Wisconsin-like law that curbs public employees collective bargaining was passed by the State House of Representatives and sent on to the State Senate. Could it be that if Democrat controlled legislatures have a rare moment of clarity like the Republican controlled legislatures in Wisconsin recently had, it's not so bad? Hmmm, I'll let you decide.

Another item that would be of note if not buried by recent events was the trial balloon floated by the Democrats this morning of a new tax. This time on the mileage people put on their cars between fill-ups. They were careful to try to distance the White House from the proposal just in case the trial balloon turns into a lead balloon.

I'm not sure how that new tax would square with the President's pledge to only soak those who make more than $250,000.  It should be interesting though. Maybe it will only be on cars that weren't manufactured by Government Motors.

Or maybe the news (according to statistics released today) that new claims for unemployment benefits just hit an eight month high would be more newsworthy if the country wasn't so distracted by the controversy over not having pictures of bin Laden's late intellect splattered all over to prove that he is as dead as the birth certificate issue.

You can always count on this blog to shout out those little tidbits of news when they are hard to hear over the din of the over-covered stories of the week. At no charge of course.

This blog remains free and it's probably worth every penny you pay for it.

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Anonymous said...

This time on the mileage people put on their cars between fill-ups.

Nice to know that our government is looking ou for our best interest. The idiots don't realize that his would reduce overall tax revenues and they would have less to spend.