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Groundhog Day Arrives Twice in One Year

After last night's debacle on leftist TV station MSNBC where two supposedly neutral questioners actually debated against the participants on behalf of the DNC, it's time for President Puxatony Phil to speak for himself tonight in what I predict will be a ratings disaster telecast of his reading of the teleprompter's plan to do more of the same failed things that have already sunk us deeper into the great recession.

 I think the cartoon below sums it up nicely.

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Wolfgang Sheehy said...

Wish it was good to know that it is not I alone who found the the tone of the debate skewed agin all candidates.
So that makes two of us.
The GOP is so hopelessly lacking in all things Madison Avenue.
GOP planner #1: (with exuberance)"I know! Let's have the debate at the Ronald Reagan Library. It'll make a tremendous backdrop!"
GOP planner #2: "Great. I'll put in a call to NBC to see if we can get Brian Williams, you know the uber-leftist who began his career in the Carter administration, so can direct every single question at the candidate least likely give the best answer."
GOP planner #3: "Right. And if the subliminal stuff doesn't do the trick, we get the hammer out and encourage Williams to go after Perry on the death penalty or Ron Paul on FEMA."

Once again, Thadeus McCotter was not invited. Too bad. He could equally shred Brian Williams, all the candidates, and the great Matxist himself.