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St. Andrews, a Fitting Place for Heroes to Play Golf

It has been said that there are no heroes, just ordinary people who have been forced by circumstances to do extraordinary things.

Regular readers know that from time to time I write about heroes. People who do extraordinary things, even in everyday life, as they go about the business of living. In my mind heroes aren't to be idolized, but they should be held up as examples and be respected for the things they do. Heroism is a uniquely human thing. No other creatures on earth display heroism.

A close friend of mine, a hero in his own right for his sacrifices in Viet Nam, sent me the video found below. It's about an ordinary guy who was forced by circumstances to live an extraordinary life, find an extraordinary friend, and honor his memory by playing golf at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Mike Reeder is his name and you can decide for yourself if he is a hero because of his sacrifice in war or because of the way he lived afterwards. As professional golfer Johnny Miller has said, "It's not what you accomplish in life, but what you overcome."

Some people are heroes and some people are golfers. And some people are both
I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did.

Many thanks to "Captain" Miller for sharing this story.


Anonymous said...

I cried and I'm glad.

Grant Davies said...

There ARE heroes among us.