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This Site Will Be Shut Down For One Day

In a certainly meaningless gesture, this site will be closed tomorrow, 1/18/12,  in protest of the proposed SOPA Law - the “Stop Online Piracy Act.” Many large sites are doing it, so by golly, we are too.

As sad as I am to risk the great harm that will befall our republic because people will not be able to read any new and terribly important content here, we must send a message to law makers. So buck up and suffer with me.


Dean_L said...

A gesture nonetheless. You have to wonder though, if complaining doesn't work, and silence doesn't work - what's left?

Grant Davies said...

It has been said, "America is at that awkward stage, it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."

Now if I could only remember who said that,,, Damn, I'm gettin' old.

Grant Davies said...

Oh yeah, it was Claire Wolfe,,,it's all coming back to me now.