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Tina Has the Last Laff - A New Feature

Tina Turner waving bye bye

By Grant Davies

Last week I penned a short piece titled "Mickelson Shrugged." It explained that champion golfer (and pretty rich guy) Phil Mickleson was contemplating leaving his home state of California to escape being preyed upon by greedy residents  and politicians, who voted for him to pay much higher state income taxes so that they didn't have to. That way (they reasoned) they could continue to pursue their profligate ways without paying for it themselves.

I pointed out that Phil made a pretty good illustration for the "Laffer Curve." If you haven't read it, by all means go back and do so. It has received some pretty good reviews from those who have. (As opposed to the "have nots", but I digress.)

Since then I have discovered that it wasn't only Phil who shrugged. We can now add  Eldrick "Tiger" Woods to the list which is starting to grow daily. He has admitted that he moved to Florida sixteen years ago to avoid having his money confiscated by the "Golden State" and pissed down a rat hole. It's hard to imagine how much money he has saved by doing so, or how much he has added to the economy of his newly adopted state since then. I was never much of a Tiger fan until I discovered he understood basic economics, at least his own. I might even root for him this weekend unless he gets too obnoxious again.

Then yesterday I heard that Tina Turner, the aging music icon, has decided to denounce her US citizenship and become a citizen of Switzerland. It seems that since she lives there anyway, she figures she might as well keep her dough, too. It helps that her wealth is denominated in Swiss Francs. The Swiss don't print them as quickly as our FED prints dollars, so they retain their value better on a relative basis. Smart lady. It appears that she is actually a "Dancer for Money" after all, just not so privately nowadays.

So I had the idea that maybe I should be keeping track of all these "Lafferites." (A term I just coined.  Unless of course someone somewhere already did, in which case, I apologize.) But I need you to help me keep track. There will be a lot more of these types from now on as Obama makes more progress in his class war against those who have made a bunch of dough. And some of them are just rich, but not famous, so I'll need help finding stories about them and putting them on the list.

Therefore, anyone who regularly reads this blog is hereby deputized to round up the names of any who dare to publicly proclaim why they are fleeing or otherwise "Laffing" at those too dim-witted to figure out what to do.

Just leave a comment here or email me and I'll be adding the names and any documentation to a new feature. It's titled Lafferites.  Please be sure to visit that page on this blog often to check our progress. There is additional information and more clever commentary there.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of leaving the state Illinois (home of the crooked politician) and making my residence in Florida for a long time. Somehow it will happen sooner or later!

Grant Davies said...

That's the thing about having two homes that is lost on most of the taxoholics. You can do a small amount of paperwork and change your location without all the bother of selling, buying, and moving.

Very wealthy people in most case already have several residences. They can move overnight without getting out of the recliner. More and more are doing so.

Anonymous said...

If I had any money to protect, which I don't, I would be a Lafferite in Switzerland or Singapore or somewhere where I wouldn't have to be a tax slave.