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Courage and Cowardice

I didn't vote for John McCain. I have never regretted that decision.

Today, I feel even more satisfied that my opposition to Barack Obama and his "progressive" agenda did not blind me to recognizing McCain for what he was and is.

Rand Paul took to the Senate floor to filibuster against the nomination of a thug named John Brennan as the new director of the CIA. He did so because Brennan refused to rule out assassinating US citizens on US soil, without an accusation, an arrest, an arraignment, access to a lawyer, a trial, or a conviction on any charge.

Rand Paul stood up for the US Constitution, not against Obama. He did it the right way, by actually speaking, on topic, for over 12 hours in defense of our 5th amendment rights. He defended the right of Habeas Corpus and the rule of law.

A small number of Senators supported him, mostly Republicans (of the libertarian variety) and one Democrat. But senators John McCain, and Lindsey Graham excoriated him. McCain even resorted to name calling, saying he and his supporters, were "Wackos."

You can decide for yourself who has courage and who is a wacko. My opinion is obvious.

One more question. It's the same one ultra liberal John Cusack and liberal TV pundit Jon Stewart are asking as they support Rand Paul on the issue: "Where are the Democats on Drones?" 

All you Democrats should be asking the same question. It seems you might be blinded by your love of Obama if you can't hold your leaders accountable when they do the things that make you howl bloody murder when Republicans do them.

If water-boarding is terrible when performed on actual terrorists, what is assassinating US citizens from a drone? Is is courage or cowardice?



Anonymous said...

This drone wacking business is getting too confusing by the day. If an American is as active enemy combatant or spy I have no problem with wacking by a drone, AK-47 or whatever else does the job. In my mind that comes under the rules of engagement...kill the enemy before he kills you. Using a drone for a wacking inside the US is overkill, we have many other ways to deal with traitors that are much cheaper.

Tom B.

Grant Davies said...

The problem is; who determines if a US citizen is an enemy combatant or a spy?

There is no authority, no court, no warrant, no adherence to the fifth amendment..just the opinion of the President or some CIA agent. And no consequences if they are wrong.

All our rights are nullified if we allow this to stand. If they can kill al-Awlaki and his son without due process, they can you and I as well.

Grant Davies said...

I would add that dealing with traitors is covered in the US Constitution. Treason is punishable by death.

But the President is not cop, judge, jury, and executioner.