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Concealed Carry Marine Saves a Life in Wisconsin

Gun grabbers are fond of saying that "guns in the possession of private citizens never make a bad situation better."

Putting aside the obvious conclusion that the statement is inane, let's look at one case that refutes it and makes an even bigger point about how many people in our armed forces often continue to serve America even after their active duty has concluded.

The following video tells the story of what happened in Milwaukee two days ago when an ex-marine with a concealed carry permit stopped a man from stomping a girl to death on the street. Although all the details were not yet known when this news report aired, it seems likely that the perpetrator was an ex-boyfriend who had been stalking his victim on her way to work.

If the ex-marine, Charlie Blackmore, had called 911 before he made a citizens arrest on this murderous thug, rather than after he stopped him from kicking the victim to death, there would be one less innocent person alive today. Fast thinking combined with confident action saved the girl and even spared the perpetrator. This event is just one more reason to thank a vet for their service.

From now on, maybe when you hear a "progressive" thinker utter the phrase, "If we save just one life, it will be worth it", you will think about this case.

The term Semper Fidescribes Charlie Blackmore better than anything I could think up to say about him.

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