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Rand Paul Interview

Many of you have may have missed the Fox News Sunday interview with Sen. Rand Paul. (As I did.) Watching it may answer some questions that are being asked about this (now) national figure.

I'm happy to say that this blog has been informing it's readers about Rand Paul since long before most of the country had even heard of him.

In fact, I have had some friends more or less telling me that I should familiarize myself with him. They seem to have forgotten that when I introduced his name to them they had never heard of him themselves. Please don't take that as a complaint or an "I told you so." (Okay, maybe a slight "I told you so.")

It's a good thing, and I sincerely hope that all of you distribute these videos widely to your friends and colleagues, particularly your friends who are Democrats or Independents.

It is my observation that if you are saying or doing something that draws fire from both establishment Republicans and Democrats, like Rand Paul is, you are doing something right.

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