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Is America Ready to Dump the Old Left/Right Paradigm? Maybe

By Grant Davies

If you have even the slightest notion that you have been manipulated by the political system and its operatives at any time in your life, you have.

Do you ever find yourself reflexively opposing some idea or proposal because it is a Republican initiative? Or because it is a Democratic initiative?

Have you ever talked to anyone who was a Republican because they opposed Democrats? Or a Democrat because they opposed Republicans? Or who voted one way or the other because they were Irish, or Jewish, or black, or white, or their parents always voted that way? Or who liked or hated Obama or Bush because it was the default position of the crowd they hang around with?

Have you ever noticed that you are sick of talking heads on Fox News or MSNBC telling you what to think? Or that the talk radio shows you listen to are only an echo chamber for what you already knew?

Maybe it's time to seek out someone you know who is on the opposite side of the political spectrum from you and chat about what you agree upon. Maybe you will find someone who is as sick as you are of the old left/right paradigm.

Maybe it's time to look for something different. Maybe it's time for someone to step forward and cut through the BS. Maybe it's time for someone who sees what we agree upon and builds upon it instead of pitting us against each other.

Maybe it's time to consider Rand Paul's ideas. Maybe they were your own ideas all along. Maybe your friends are thinking the same thing. Maybe...


Brian Jennings said...

I like Paul quite a bit. Given the truth of that statement, I suspect he is unelectable. If the Democrats and Repubs get pretty excited about portraying him as a radical and somehow???? he becomes the media's darling (doubtful) or the people's darling (possible, but long shot given the ubiquitous outcry he will evoke from MSM), then I will presume he is on the right track. First though, I expect he will be ignored. He is just too dangerous and too much of a threat to the established powers on both sides of the aisle. After Jimmy Carter malaised us to death in the late '70's the people were ready for a voice like Reagan's. Maybe after the public goes through the Unaffordable Care Act gristmill once or three times a similar about-face will catapult a patriotic guy like Paul to the head job. More likely though, the midterm elections will go pro-right, and two years later after the status quo Repubs haven't either undone ACA or fixed ACA, they will partly own ACA and Paul's chances would be diminished. It's a long way off. One can hope, right.aag

Grant Davies said...

As you said, It's a long way off. At this time I think he is very electable. Not to say he will be elected, just that it's quite possible.

If Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama are electable, anyone is electable. Paul is better than any of them and better by far than the last three put together.