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Yes, It's Another Commentary About Rand Paul

I'd be delighted to showcase a video featuring another leader talking common sense to the American people. The problem is, I don't see anyone else doing that.

In this video, he takes his turn on the Government Affairs Subcommittee today and turns out to be the only one to call the whole dog and pony show for what it is.

This is a leader saying what needs to be said, and as usual, he stands alone. I'd be happy to showcase someone else if any reader wants to send me a link to a video of someone else taking the lead in the fight to bring sanity back to our government.

In the mean time, Apple did nothing wrong. And thank goodness someone stood up for them.

"My opening comments defending Apple and condemning Congress in today's absurd show trial. Apple deserves a medal, not an inquiry." - Rand Paul


Anonymous said...

Last I heard tax avoidance is not a crime. Every home owner does it. Call Apple on the carpet if they start evading taxes. In the meantime stop complaining about people and companies playing by your rules!

Grant Davies said...

Every person does it. Including, maybe especially, the people who write the tax code. I have never met a person or company who said, "I was entitled to a deduction or device that I didn't use so I could pay more taxes."

Further, the ultimate tax avoidance mechanism is called the "Laffer Curve." People just stop producing if the marginal tax rates rise too high.

I'm certain the money grabbing slime in government would outlaw that too if they could.