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Traffic Stop for Littering Leads to Sexual Violation of Female Motorists

Call me crazy but this looks like rape to me. I guess it's not rape if the police do it. Things are definitely out of control in the "War" on people who use some drugs. In the end these two female citizens were not using any illegal substances. But they did have the experience of having their vagina and anus probed by the fingers of the "officer" in the video.

No word on whether the masculine appearing female officer enjoyed the experience or not, but the people who were violated didn't seem to enjoy it much. (I apologize for the comment, but I am so angry I am venting against these immoral thugs.)

I must warn you before you watch this video, it's disgusting, disturbing, frightening, and yes..pornographic.

The two victims of this police sexual molestation are suing. I hope they get a hundred million dollars. If any of my family was abused like this it's not at all clear to me what I might do. I shudder to contemplate.

I saw the story on Ben Swann's website and I urge you to visit there and read what he has to say about the "legal" assault. The story is called "Warrantless Vaginal Searches Conducted by Texas Police."

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