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Watch This When You Have the Time

The attention span of the typical internet user in this country is shorter than the list of Obama admirers at a Cato event. (To be fair, it's his ideas they don't admire. They didn't like GWB much either)

So when I post a video on this site that's a half hour long I know most people won't watch the whole thing. Some of them will exit the site before finishing the end of this sentenc.....

For those of you who are still here, let me tell you a little bit about why you should allocate some of your precious time to watching the video below.

It's a speech Rand Paul gave at the Cato Institute to people with a somewhat longer attention span than the average internet user. It covers court decisions, political positions, philosophical leanings and a general "get to know the Senator" session.

It's important mainly because of the stark contrast between the ideas of Rand Paul and Barack Obama, as well as the style of delivery. You won't find a teleprompter in use and at the end you'll get a look at the Senators vision for the future of the GOP and the country in general.

You'll learn something about obscure court decisions and why they were so important. You will also learn how well Democrats "do" politics and how they frame the issues to uninformed voters so they can run on those instead of the ones that really matter.

There's some decent jokes, and some lame ones. The Senator is witty, genuine and interesting to listen to. I think it's a sure thing that Paul will be a Presidential candidate in 2016 and I'm hopeful that if you watch the speech you will become a supporter of his in that effort so I don't have to harp on his merits for the next three years.

People don't like it when I harp.

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