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Who Could be Pissed Off about a Little Vacation?

By Grant Davies

At the risk of pissing off everyone, and I mean everyone, I am posting this video for your perusal.

The people who pull the wagon will be pissed to see where the money that is being taken from them to help the needy is being spent.

The people in the wagon that's being pulled will be pissed that their little game is being exposed. The people who set this whole deal up and got elected because they had compassion for the less fortunate will be pissed that they have to make up some crazy story to justify the whole scandal.

The people who make a living by fomenting class warfare will be pissed that they will have to float the preposterous notion that since wealthy people take exotic vacations, those on welfare have a right to do the same because it's not fair if they can't.

And our research fellow, Carl Holzhauser, will be pissed if we don't give him the credit for finding this video so it can be posted here to piss off all of the readers. So, here's a hat tip and a 20% raise for Carl. Hard to say if he will be even more pissed when he realizes that the hat tip is worth more than the raise. But since he can take a vacation while still getting the same pay, he should be okay with it.


Leah said...

I wonder how much of that money is from stolen wallets or identity fraud. Probably not much, but some, I'd presume.

Grant Davies said...

I agree, but it's easy to disable the card and re-issue another. If the card is stolen presumably the needy people would be quick to get a new one or go without food.