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A Saner Way to Collect Taxes

Tax day is always a good time to get everyone's attention momentarily so you can present ideas for a better way to collect taxes. For purposes of this post we won't be addressing what the legitimate use of those tax dollars should be.

 Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute has made several videos in the past to extol the virtues of eliminating our insanely complex and distortional tax code and replacing it with a sane alternative.

Whatever I could write about this subject would be just a tad less understandable and compelling than his presentation so I'll let him do the explaining. (Okay, it's more than a tad less, but I like to delude myself into thinking I have something to add.)

Dan's post today on his own blog, International Liberty, is well worth your time. It has a trillion great links to interesting stuff about how we are getting screwed. (A trillion? Why yes, I use govt. accounting methods.)       -- Grant Davies


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