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Being Thankful For Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams

Editor's note:
A guest post from our good friend Seth at the OUR DINNER TABLE blog. We have much to be thankful for but here are a few people Seth is thankful for. I wholeheartedly agree.

By Seth

From Thomas Sowell’s latest Random Thoughts column:

Some Americans will never appreciate America, until after they have helped destroy it, and have then begun to suffer the consequences.

Racism is not dead. But it is on life-support, kept alive mainly by the people who use it for an excuse or to keep minority communities fearful or resentful enough to turn out as a voting bloc on election day.

From Walter Williams column, Education Disaster:

Many of these poorly performing youngsters gain college admission. The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education reports, “Every year in the United States, nearly 60 percent of first-year college students discover that, despite being fully eligible to attend college, they are not ready for postsecondary studies.” That means colleges spend billions of dollars on remedial education. Many of the students who enroll in those classes never graduate from college. The fact that many students are not college-ready takes on even greater significance when we consider that many college courses have been dumbed down.

If their books and weekly columns are not a part of your reading list, they should be.

Entry-level college econ classes should be taught from Thomas Sowell’s book, Basic Economics.  It’s much cheaper than the Econ 101 course I took in college and worth more.

I’ve learned more economics from these two gentlemen than I did from my college econ professors and a lot about the world, too.


jim hayes said...

Good work, here, Grant. Like it much, and the advice is tops!
Have a great Thanksgiving, best to you and your family!

Grant Davies said...

Thanks for the kind words Jim. Seth is a "to the point" excellent guest contributor to this blog and we are lucky to have his permission to republish his stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well. Thanks again for reading.

jerry said...

Powerful talk.