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Trump Sucks....Us In

By Grant Davies

When I first began to write this short lead-in to the video below the word "gullible" was the first one that came to mind for a possible title. I even typed a few possibilities into that space.

I thought about the people who are having a political flirtation with Donald Trump and I thought about how gullible they are. That word is terribly insulting to them and unlikely to get them to change their minds. It also implies that I'm not gullible myself. Of course gullibility is always an unflattering trait found in other people, never ourselves.

So gullibility is out, kinda. The point is, all of us have the potential to be gullible if we are hearing what we want to hear or if someone is telling us something we already think and convincing us they are agreeing with us, instead of us agreeing with them.

Perhaps the word manipulation is a better choice. Yeah, that's it! We are being manipulated. It certainly is no revelation that politicians and the media are trying to manipulate us. Both do, and all the time. So what's the point of the video below? Just this: we are being manipulated by a guy who is exceedingly good at it. And he does so without giving any hint that he is clever enough to do so without us realizing it.

Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) sees it though. And he's going to explain it in this presentation. I learned a few things and I'll bet you will too. Could "The Donald" actually be nominated? I shudder at the notion.


One more thing. I haven't written anything for quite a long time. I haven't lost my passion for the freedom philosophy but my passion for sharing it by writing for blogs may have waned. I guess I still have something to say even if I have been confining it to my public Face Book page. Perhaps I'll begin to share it more formally again. If Trump and Obama are qualified to run the country maybe I'm qualified to write this stuff.

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