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Discussion Question

It may seem like a silly question to which virtually everyone knows the answer, but it's not. It's a question that begs another question.

Question: Should a person who has done nothing wrong be punished?

PS...Just because the question might be answered differently by different people does not mean that they don't know the correct answer.

Disclaimer...I didn't make up this question.

PPS...There is a comment section below.


JGSackis said...

The important part of the question is the term "wrong". Morally wrong, legally wrong, ethically wrong, "politically correct" wrong, religously wrong and/or personally wrong.

My point is, until that is established, no determination can be made.

Grant Davies said...

Good point.

I purposely made the question short. For the purpose of this exercise, it really matters not since there is no specific event. So, the question is directed to each person who chooses to ponder it. For instance, you can go through your list and answer it (to yourself if desired) on a case by case basis. You decide what's wrong and ask yourself the question: if this person has done no wrong by my own determination of wrong on a particular issue, should that person be punished? Whatever you think to be wrong, do you think someone who has done no wrong on that issue should be punished? That's the question I was asking. I hope that clarifies it somewhat.

Uncle Bill said...

As the question is an open one, I would never punish someone who did nothing wrong. Many people do not know right from wrong. They would wrongly punish someone who did no wrong.

Grant Davies said...

I totally agree. People who have done nothing wrong deserve no punishment. Which begs a different question. That coming soon. Anyone who wants to venture a guess what question is being begged can win the bonus prize. (BTW, there is no bonus prize)

jerry said...

Could it be current actions regarding Emigrant deportation?

Grant Davies said...

That's a really great insight and takes the conversation in a different direction. However, It's not what I had in mind for the question it begs me to ask. So it's a correct answer without being the one I had in mind.

The question I had in mind has to do with punishment vs rewards. So I'll posit the second question along the line I was intending.

Question: If we can conclude that people who have done no wrong should not be punished, can we then conclude that people who have done nothing to deserve it should not be rewarded?