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Sugar is Addictive and We Are All Addicted

I don't agree with 100% of what Lustwig says, but I agree with the vast majority of it.

I wouldn't have been able to agree or disagree if I had not watched it and a lot of other opinions on the topic as well. What a ridiculous thing to say! So obvious it need not be said.

Except that most humans are resistant to change, particularly in regard to their own comfortable habits. Therefore, they do not read or watch things that threaten to force them to make uncomfortable choices.

It wouldn't matter unless the consequences for our own health and that of our children were not so profound. I think it matters.


W. E. Messamore said...

You back?

Yeah we definitely have a sugar problem in America.

Grant Davies said...

It looks like you are and I'm glad to see it. I may have more time for it again, so maybe a little less Face Booking and a little more blogging.

W. E. Messamore said...

Man I'm back harder than ever. I've never written so many words as I have for THL in two months as I have in the last two. It feels so right! I should have given it more of myself a long time ago. Well I guess I'll have to write even more now to make up for lost time!