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How to Get Free Money


By Grant Davies 

I have been busy watching the counrty implode so I haven't had time to write much lately. But a recent investment opportunity has arisen and I need to take some time to spread the wealth around. Capitalists and socialists alike enjoy the spread of wealth as long as it's getting spread their way.  

One of my former lives was spent as an investment advisor so I can't help myself. I just keep pumping the good stuff out. There is no charge for this advice. It's a dividend being paid to readers of this blog as a reward for loyally reading this tripe for so many years. 

Enough of that nonsense, now for some sound advice:

For the second time in less than a year the kind folks in government decided to give you some funny money. It was a bipartisan bribe to keep the dimwits placated while they shoveled the fiat currency to their cronies. Many of whom are foreign governments. It's all monopoly money of course, but the infants and unborn won't get wise to it while these folks are still breathing. So it's all good.

So here's a question; what to do with that $600 bucks ($1200 if you have a spouse) when the decimal points get deposited into your bank? I'm here with good news! You can make an investment where your cost basis is zero. 

That's right, the money fell out of the printing press in the sky so it's manna from heaven, or hell, acording to your perspective. You got it for free so use it to buy something that you think has intrinsic value. It doesn't matter what you pay since you can't lose money on the investment. It doesn't matter if the price is high or low, now or in the future, since it was acquired with "free money." If it goes to zero you have the same amount as you had before you got the money and made the investment. 

That brings us to Bit Coin. The price of that money has risen from $4,000 fiat dollars per coin ten months ago to $40,000 per coin a few days ago. Currently $33,500 as this is written. 1-12-21.  So, is it too high to buy now? Or too volatile? Or just "in a time out" on it's way to $100,000? It just doesn't matter when your playing with house money!

All you can lose is what you never had coming anyway. So, zero cost basis. Of course, any money or other investment would work just as well in this fantasy, so go for it. Lots of people buy lotto tickets because they think they might get rich. Any investment, including tulip bulbs, is better than that, so why not?

When I get my bribe I'm going to buy $600 worth of bit coin. I might get rich or I might lose...nothing. It ain't my money, it will be paid for by my grandchildren. Maybe I'll leave my bit coins to them in my will.

Of course this whole post is tongue in cheek anyway. Maybe.

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