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The Gullible Gazette - 1st Edition

How can you tell if you are among the millions of people in this country who are habitually gullible?

Well, in a hat tip to Mr. Jeff Foxworthy, one of the redneck comedy boys:
You might be gullible:

If you think that President Obama's new campaign proposal that anyone making over $1million a year should pay income tax at a rate of at least 30% because it will help balance the budget and promote "fairness" ---- you might just be gullible.

As David Burge, aka, the "Iowa Hawk" - who does the math for a hugely popular blog of the same name - explains it: "If you taxed income in the US at 100% above $250k, you'd get $1.41 trillion - not enough to run the govt for 5 months."

And speaking of Foxworthy, he and Larry the Cable Guy would be a better ticket to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election than any of the other offerings. Oh, I know that Obama's policies are hilarious, but he's just a rank amateur, these guys are pros when it comes to laughter.

If we elect them, "Yes we can" Git R Done.

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