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Women's Sports in the New World

America has changed.

A new executive order from the people who handle Joe Biden asserts that people who compete in girls' sports can be of any biological gender. 

It's not a suggestion. As the name clearly indicates, it's an order. By the executive.

If biological males say they "identify" as a female they will be allowed to compete with females in sporting events and contests.

I don't need to go into why this is a huge problem for our girls. Whoever doesn't think it's a problem has already stopped reading. If they ever started.

I have some suggestions for any girl, and her parents, if they are ever forced to compete in women's sports against biological males.

Please don't refuse to join the team. That is surrender. Only refuse to participate in the contests. Do it at the starting line or as the contests are just beginning. Just sit down or stand still on the field of play. Ask the other girls to join you in the protest. Imagine what it would look like if the only people running the race after the gun sounds are the "I identify" females. Let them have their "prize."

You can organize your fellow competitors to have a contest later, privately, without "official" approval. Away from schools. Away from politicians. Parents should support them and help them organize away from "authorities." Kids sports need not be tied to schools or other official organizations. 

Every girl who does this might be kicked off the team. It's courage to stand up for yourself when you know you might be canceled. My opinion is formed as a parent and as a grandparent. I love brave girls. I have a whole family full of them.

You have a right to fight back for yourself or your daughter. You have a right to refuse to cooperate with this insanity. You have a right to peaceably resist. You need not cooperate. It's a fundamental human right.

This article is not a debate over sexuality.

That's my opinion. Others may differ.


Hopium Revisited


As it turns out, the Biden presidency is cause for hope after all. What am I hoping for? I'm hoping for GOP support for the new impeachment trial of former President Trump. 

The idea that Mitch McConnell and other Republican senators may support the removal from office of a president who is no longer in office is a welcome prospect.

You might ask why. It's simple. 

Hopefully it will cause the effective end of the GOP. With any luck a large and important portion of the current GOP will leave that party and become independents, or even start a new political party. So, Mitch, GO FOR IT! Please.

The GOP has proved to be useless in opposing the advance of socialism and fascism. It is also useless in defending the rights of the people. And politically it is a dismal failure at its only real task. Namely, to get people elected. It couldn't even reelect its incumbent presidential candidate when running against a senile old man who never left his basement and could not speak coherently without reading prepared propaganda on a teleprompter. Even his voters knew that he wasn't up to actually making decisions and governing.

Ex-President Trump is gone, politically speaking. He will never rise again, in my opinion. So I'm not anticipating a new "personality cult" political party of his design to become a reality.

I’m guessing this hope won’t play well with friends of mine who are Republicans or Trump supporters. It won't play well with those who think the Republicans are the opposite of Democrats. It won't play well with "never Trumpers." It won't play well with Pelosi haters. It certainly won't play well with Democrats who would no longer have a foil to work against in their successful efforts to keep Americans divided. And very few will agree with this next hope.

I think that if the GOP ends as a potent political party it will certainly cause the end of the Democrat Party shortly thereafter. That party is so far left now that there is no room for other opinions or aspirations among those who have supported them for generations. They have been canceled too. If there is only one party left, it will soon split into two, at least. It's already dissolving into chaos. Its leadership is unhinged and even Democrats know it.
Disaffected Democrats of the rational type will leave in droves just as quickly as disaffected Republicans will leave the scene of the GOP crash. If we are lucky enough to be pulled from the wreckage of the “two party”system we may save the country and freedom after all. At least I hope so.

All this hope has made me tired. Reading it has probably had the same effect on you.

Grant Davies - January 2021


How to Get Free Money


By Grant Davies 

I have been busy watching the counrty implode so I haven't had time to write much lately. But a recent investment opportunity has arisen and I need to take some time to spread the wealth around. Capitalists and socialists alike enjoy the spread of wealth as long as it's getting spread their way.  

One of my former lives was spent as an investment advisor so I can't help myself. I just keep pumping the good stuff out. There is no charge for this advice. It's a dividend being paid to readers of this blog as a reward for loyally reading this tripe for so many years. 

Enough of that nonsense, now for some sound advice:

For the second time in less than a year the kind folks in government decided to give you some funny money. It was a bipartisan bribe to keep the dimwits placated while they shoveled the fiat currency to their cronies. Many of whom are foreign governments. It's all monopoly money of course, but the infants and unborn won't get wise to it while these folks are still breathing. So it's all good.

So here's a question; what to do with that $600 bucks ($1200 if you have a spouse) when the decimal points get deposited into your bank? I'm here with good news! You can make an investment where your cost basis is zero. 

That's right, the money fell out of the printing press in the sky so it's manna from heaven, or hell, acording to your perspective. You got it for free so use it to buy something that you think has intrinsic value. It doesn't matter what you pay since you can't lose money on the investment. It doesn't matter if the price is high or low, now or in the future, since it was acquired with "free money." If it goes to zero you have the same amount as you had before you got the money and made the investment. 

That brings us to Bit Coin. The price of that money has risen from $4,000 fiat dollars per coin ten months ago to $40,000 per coin a few days ago. Currently $33,500 as this is written. 1-12-21.  So, is it too high to buy now? Or too volatile? Or just "in a time out" on it's way to $100,000? It just doesn't matter when your playing with house money!

All you can lose is what you never had coming anyway. So, zero cost basis. Of course, any money or other investment would work just as well in this fantasy, so go for it. Lots of people buy lotto tickets because they think they might get rich. Any investment, including tulip bulbs, is better than that, so why not?

When I get my bribe I'm going to buy $600 worth of bit coin. I might get rich or I might lose...nothing. It ain't my money, it will be paid for by my grandchildren. Maybe I'll leave my bit coins to them in my will.

Of course this whole post is tongue in cheek anyway. Maybe.


Walter E Williams, a Fundamental Economist

By Grant Davies

A great friend of liberty passed away yesterday. 

I'm not much into naming people as heroes, but Dr. Walter Williams was a hero to me. I have read his books (all of them, I think) and still own quite a number of them to this day.
I was introduced to his work by an essay he wrote titled "The role of government in a free society." 

That essay resides in the guest bathroom of our home for the edification of any overnight guest we have while they are otherwise occupied in that room.
I was fortunate enough to attend the below presentation that Dr. Williams made (of that same title) in 1994 in Chicago. If you have never read the essay I'm referring to, or seen the video of it before, you would do well to watch it now.
This presentation, and others like it, were the inspiration for my evolution from a bloviating opinionator into a person who analyzes problems from a fundamental standpoint. I still may not get it right but it has worked out somewhat better for me than before.
Williams was a genius at making complex problems understandable even to people like me. He was known by many as "the peoples' economist." He wrote his last column just days ago.

He keeps things simple and fundamental. And no matter how complicated people try to make things, almost everything is simple and fundamental.


Elections Don't Matter

 By Grant Davies

Writing click bait titles to blog posts is a form of entertainment for me. I'm not very good at it. But I'm easily amused, so I do it.

The above title can be used to get people to read this stuff because everyone either agrees, disagrees, or wouldn't read anything here no matter what. That just about covers all the blogging bases. 

This essay can go in a lot of different directions. Readers have probably formed an opinion about what it was going to say in the single second it took to read the title. Almost everyone will be wrong. Get used to it. I got used to being wrong all the time. You can too.

So where is this going? It's heading toward the preposterous election system that the country has morphed into. It used to be that we had a bad system. But at least we were used to it. Now the details change so often and are so convoluted that no one knows what the hell is going on. One new wrinkle is mailing out millions of ballots to people who didn't ask for them. What could possibly go wrong? 

A lot of people have no confidence that an election will succeed in its fundamental purpose. So let's get back to fundamentals. 

Most people (except power seekers) were hopeful that the process would yield good choices. They hoped for open access for voters and candidates alike. They hoped for fair and honest elections. They wanted a simple system where the results were certain and the peaceful transfer of power was a sure thing. 

It may be that we never had those things. But most were satisfied that it was close enough. Today we certainly do not have those things. 

As an aside, if there wasn't so much un-needed power being passed out it would hardly matter who won the elections. But that is a topic for a different day. 

Here is what the system has morphed into instead. 

A constant battle and changing rules about: 

  • Who is allowed on the ballot.
  • Who is allowed to vote. Citizen or non citizen? Resident or non resident? Adults or children? 
  • When the vote should be taken. On one day or over a rather long period of time? 
  • When shall the votes be counted?
  • How the vote will be cast. In person or by mail? 
  • How a state will cast its electoral votes. 
  • How campaigns will be paid for.
  • Who determines access to the debates.
  • Whether people have to prove they are entitled to vote.
  • Who can donate to a campaign and how much.
There are other issues as well but that's a short list to start with. No wonder people are confused and have lost confidence. 

Depending on the answers to those questions, elections can matter or not. But those are not the only reasons elections may not matter. Some folks, like me, never have a real chance to be counted. That's because no candidates, except the "approved" ones, are given a real chance to be elected. 

The biggest problems are not being addressed. And they never will be by the ruling party. Yes, there is a ruling party. It has two wings but it's the same building. That party will not allow it to change. No party gives up power willingly.

What should we consider in order to get back to the fundamentals mentioned above? I thought you'd never ask. Actually, you never did ask. But I'll pretend you have been waiting breathlessly for that opinion. 

So, do elections matter? I think some do. But only if they are conducted after the problems are corrected. 

I have some ideas and you probably do as well. Unless, of course, you like the current system. 

Fundamental things I think must change.

  •  It should be easier to get on the ballot
  •  There should be conclusive evidence that someone qualifies to vote. If it's too much trouble for someone to prove they are qualified, they don't vote. It's their choice.
  • The governments only role should be to insure a fair count and prevent fraud. 
  • No laws or regulations that favor any system or political party should be made.
  • No "matching funds" should be provided.
  • The government should not pay for any primary elections.

If parties want to select their candidates by public votes they should pay for it themselves. If they want to light up cigars in smoky back rooms and pick someone for their party to run for office, it could hardly be worse.

 It goes without being said that gerrymandering has disenfranchised more people than any other single gimmick that has been perpetrated on the electorate. Additionally, I think "ranked choice" elections like the ones that are catching on in some states (Maine is one) should be debated and expanded.

You may have other ideas. We have a comment section on this blog. Feel free to use it.