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Something new

Some of you may know that I have been looking for a way out of Google. As a start, I have almost totally stopped using their Gmail client. 

But my biggest issue is getting away from Google Blogger. That is where this blog is hosted. And I have to finally admit that my content does not actually belong to me because Google can cancel me at anytime for any reason or no reason. I would lose all my writing over the last ten years. (Some might not consider that a loss.)

So I am settling on Substack as the best place to publish going forward. I'm just setting it up so it's not ready for primetime yet.

Anyone who would like to be a Guinea pig to help me out a bit please leave a comment below or send me a message and I will put your name on a temporary list to get just a few emails with test posts and the like. You can give me feedback on the site or format if you want. You can also familiarize yourself with Substack. I think this concept is on the cutting edge of the future of publishing in this new world.

Thanks to those who bear with me while I make the transition. 



Unknown said...

Will this improve your golf game?


Grant Davies said...

That's unlikely. However, it may improve my writing. And that is somewhat more likely since my writing may be worse than my golf game. Therefore it's easier to improve because the bar is set so low. Shall I include your email address in the first few dry runs?

Grand dad said...

Will this improve my golf game.

Grant Davies said...

That's different. It will definitely improve YOUR golf game or I'll give your money back.

Unknown said...

Good luck on substack. My email is hifielgin@gmail.com,