"Don't hurt people and don't take their stuff" - Matt Kibbe




By Grant Davies

They fell for the trap! 

In order to convince the population that the country is in great danger of being taken over by violent right wing extremists the government built a wall to keep the domestic terrorists out of the protected zone around the government buildings. 

Those on the right have complained about the razor wire and army presence. That's because they are just a bunch of outsiders with no real knowledge of the plan. They just don't get it.

They didn't realize the fundamental fact that walls work both ways. They keep people out and they keep people in. The Great Wall of China was built to keep invaders out. The wall in East Germany was built to keep people in. Prisons keep people in too.

In one of the greatest roundups of all times we have been able to trick huge numbers of criminals into voluntarily reporting to prison. Now all we have to do is lock the gates behind them and end one of the biggest criminal conspiracies of all time. 

435 Representatives, 50 Senators, and uncountable numbers of co-conspirators in the executive branch all captured at the same time. The masterminds have been brought to justice. 

Quick! Lock the gates! Make America great again! 

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Unknown said...

Love reading your thoughts Grant. Keep up the good work