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Who Could be Pissed Off about a Little Vacation?

By Grant Davies

At the risk of pissing off everyone, and I mean everyone, I am posting this video for your perusal.

The people who pull the wagon will be pissed to see where the money that is being taken from them to help the needy is being spent.

The people in the wagon that's being pulled will be pissed that their little game is being exposed. The people who set this whole deal up and got elected because they had compassion for the less fortunate will be pissed that they have to make up some crazy story to justify the whole scandal.

The people who make a living by fomenting class warfare will be pissed that they will have to float the preposterous notion that since wealthy people take exotic vacations, those on welfare have a right to do the same because it's not fair if they can't.

And our research fellow, Carl Holzhauser, will be pissed if we don't give him the credit for finding this video so it can be posted here to piss off all of the readers. So, here's a hat tip and a 20% raise for Carl. Hard to say if he will be even more pissed when he realizes that the hat tip is worth more than the raise. But since he can take a vacation while still getting the same pay, he should be okay with it.


An Important Debate About Government Spending

The following debate covers all the angles on this important topic. It's only a few minutes long but it sure packs the valid points into that time.

Hat tip to Dan Mitchell at International Liberty


Global Warming, It's a Scary Subject

Editors note:
Regular readers of this blog know that when it comes to the  man made global warming theory, I'm skeptical. But that's just the science issue. They probably also know that I'm totally dismissive of the theory as a political issue. That's because I have never believed that the issue should have entered the political arena at all.

The name calling and rancor that has accompanied the political debate is totally inconsistent with what should occur in the scientific debate. In my opinion it's a question of science, not politics.

Like all scientific theories there is a proper method of discovery.  And it's no accident that it's called "The scientific method."  So in my mind, science is the pursuit of truth and politics is the pursuit of power.

I realize that people of good conscience and intelligence can differ in their opinions on this subject. In fact, I differ with some very close friends on this subject.

Regular readers also know that I'm a history aficionado as well, so the video presentation by John Coleman is right up my alley. The first part covers his take on the science, but whether you agree with his conclusions or not, I'm hopeful you will enjoy the second part where he covers the history of the whole issue and the people involved.

With that in mind, I submit the following article for your consideration. It was written by Jim Lakely of the Heartland Institute. It is republished here with their express permission.

Grant Davies

How the Global Warming Scare Began
  By JIM LAKELY               March 13, 2014                                                                                                                             
Jim Lakely is director of communications at The Heartland Institute
Heartland friend John Coleman is among the few prominent meteorologists who has not joined his colleagues in perpetuating the public panic over man-caused global warming. He’s brave, influential, and has the backing of his TV station in San Diego, KUSI, to produce videos such as the one at left titled “How the Global Warming Scare Began.”
Coleman is the founder of The Weather Channel, was the first weatherman on “Good Morning America,” and was named “Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year” by the American Meteorological Society. (NOTE: Coleman quit the AMS when, he says, it was clear “the politics had gotten in the way of the science.”)
In the video in the player below*, Coleman says something all global warming “skeptics” could agree upon: If the science actually backed up the notion that humans were endangering the earth’s climate, he’d be on the front lines to save the planet. “But it’s just not happening,” he said.
The little warming we have now is well within (and even below) natural variations over the centuries. But the fruitless “fight” against man-caused global warming is wasting enormous sums of money — seen in government outlays, and in the unduly rising energy bills of every American.
In his video, Coleman gives us many “Cold Hard Facts.” Here are some of them:
  • Arctic ice levels are well within the average measured by satellites since first recorded about 35 years ago.
  • Polar bear populations are up, not down.
  • The “global warming” superstorms the alarmists predicted have not materialized. No hurricanes hit the US in 2013. Superstorm Sandy was nothing compared to the Galveston Hurricane in 1900, before man supposedly had influence on the climate. Strong tornadoes have been diminishing, too.
  • We haven’t had a “killer heat wave” since the 1950s.
  • Al Gore got a “D” in the only science course he took at Harvard, taught by the godfather of climate alarmism, Roger Revelle … and the rest is history (including Revelle apologizing for his previous alarmism and Gore responding by calling him “senile.”)
There is so much more. The video in the player below* is the primer you must show your alarmist friends.
For more information on what’s really happening to the earth’s climate, visit The Heartland Institute’s archive of its eight international conferences on climate change — featuring more than 300 presentations by 187 scientists, economists, and policy experts (including Coleman).
For the very latest observable climate science, as opposed to political climate science, visit the Climate Change Reconsidered site. Stay tuned to that site, and The Heartland Institute, for news about yet another report from the Nongovernmental Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) that will be released later this month.

* Edited for placement on this site.


The Men Behind the Curtain

By Grant Davies

Matt Drudge must have thought it was important to highlight the "filibuster without a bill" (as the LA Times reporter Lalita Clozel dubbed it) on his mega influential website this morning. Otherwise he wouldn't have made it the main headline. "Dems Declare War on the Weather" was his headline.

It's hard to tell why he thought the dog and pony show was newsworthy but one might speculate that he sought to show how crazy the Dems are on the whole "global warming/man made climate change" charade. Or maybe it was just a slow news day.

But I look at it a tad differently than most. I see it as just another diversionary tactic in the Dems war to keep the Obamacare debacle off the front pages. These senators couldn't possibly care less about the climate. Except the political climate, that is.

It's hard to count the number of scandals being ignored by the mainstream media nowadays. The IRS political targeting scandal comes to mind as does the NSA spying scandal and the Detroit bankruptcy. So it's not surprising that Dems want to change the subject to the weather or the minimum wage or anything else they can conjure up.

While Harry Reid and his little band of imbeciles are behind the Wizard of Oz's curtain furiously manipulating the "dimwit knobs", I'll volunteer to play the role of Toto and try to pull back the curtain so we can direct the attention back to the stuff they want us to forget.

The Obamacare health insurance takeover train wreck, the looming debt crisis, the erosion of the currency, and the continued assault on the Constitution are the topics that are most important.

Even Dorothy figured it out eventually. I'm not at all certain that the American people will though, but hope springs eternal.