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Dr. Carson Educates Barack Obama About Healthcare

By Grant Davies

In my opinion, this speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson is one of the best speeches you will hear for a very long time. And it will surely be one of the least "PC" speeches you have heard.

There is no political posturing or denigration of others who disagree with him. It's not all about healthcare. It is about other commonsense issues as well. It's 27 minutes long so I'm frightened that many people won't even begin to watch it. I often back off from such long videos myself, so I'm not casting aspersions on anyone.

If you aren't up to it right now you can start at the 18 min. mark or the 21 min. mark and get to a lot of the policy points. Unfortunately you miss a lot of very good things if you do that. If you do watch it in its entirety it will probably be the best 27 minutes you spend today.

The President is sitting within a few feet of Dr. Carson as he speaks. This man has courage. It is clear that he is respectful but not intimidated by anyone around him.

It appears on this site, not because it is anti-Obama, but because it is pro-commonsense and is littered with ideas that are pro-liberty. And this site is not an anti-Obama site; it is all about promoting individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Hardcore libertarians may find points to differ with Dr. Carson, but I won't apologize for that.


Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Dr Ben Carson for over 20 years. I have some documentaries that I used to show my students for years about his life and how he became one of the foremost pediatric brain surgeons in the world.
Truely a great man! Bill

Anonymous said...

Like at Columbia and Harvard, Obama failed to learn anything from Dr. Carson. I wonder if Americans learned anything?