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Rand Paul Interview

Many of you have may have missed the Fox News Sunday interview with Sen. Rand Paul. (As I did.) Watching it may answer some questions that are being asked about this (now) national figure.

I'm happy to say that this blog has been informing it's readers about Rand Paul since long before most of the country had even heard of him.

In fact, I have had some friends more or less telling me that I should familiarize myself with him. They seem to have forgotten that when I introduced his name to them they had never heard of him themselves. Please don't take that as a complaint or an "I told you so." (Okay, maybe a slight "I told you so.")

It's a good thing, and I sincerely hope that all of you distribute these videos widely to your friends and colleagues, particularly your friends who are Democrats or Independents.

It is my observation that if you are saying or doing something that draws fire from both establishment Republicans and Democrats, like Rand Paul is, you are doing something right.


Concealed Carry Marine Saves a Life in Wisconsin

Gun grabbers are fond of saying that "guns in the possession of private citizens never make a bad situation better."

Putting aside the obvious conclusion that the statement is inane, let's look at one case that refutes it and makes an even bigger point about how many people in our armed forces often continue to serve America even after their active duty has concluded.

The following video tells the story of what happened in Milwaukee two days ago when an ex-marine with a concealed carry permit stopped a man from stomping a girl to death on the street. Although all the details were not yet known when this news report aired, it seems likely that the perpetrator was an ex-boyfriend who had been stalking his victim on her way to work.

If the ex-marine, Charlie Blackmore, had called 911 before he made a citizens arrest on this murderous thug, rather than after he stopped him from kicking the victim to death, there would be one less innocent person alive today. Fast thinking combined with confident action saved the girl and even spared the perpetrator. This event is just one more reason to thank a vet for their service.

From now on, maybe when you hear a "progressive" thinker utter the phrase, "If we save just one life, it will be worth it", you will think about this case.

The term Semper Fidescribes Charlie Blackmore better than anything I could think up to say about him.


Courage and Cowardice

I didn't vote for John McCain. I have never regretted that decision.

Today, I feel even more satisfied that my opposition to Barack Obama and his "progressive" agenda did not blind me to recognizing McCain for what he was and is.

Rand Paul took to the Senate floor to filibuster against the nomination of a thug named John Brennan as the new director of the CIA. He did so because Brennan refused to rule out assassinating US citizens on US soil, without an accusation, an arrest, an arraignment, access to a lawyer, a trial, or a conviction on any charge.

Rand Paul stood up for the US Constitution, not against Obama. He did it the right way, by actually speaking, on topic, for over 12 hours in defense of our 5th amendment rights. He defended the right of Habeas Corpus and the rule of law.

A small number of Senators supported him, mostly Republicans (of the libertarian variety) and one Democrat. But senators John McCain, and Lindsey Graham excoriated him. McCain even resorted to name calling, saying he and his supporters, were "Wackos."

You can decide for yourself who has courage and who is a wacko. My opinion is obvious.

One more question. It's the same one ultra liberal John Cusack and liberal TV pundit Jon Stewart are asking as they support Rand Paul on the issue: "Where are the Democats on Drones?" 

All you Democrats should be asking the same question. It seems you might be blinded by your love of Obama if you can't hold your leaders accountable when they do the things that make you howl bloody murder when Republicans do them.

If water-boarding is terrible when performed on actual terrorists, what is assassinating US citizens from a drone? Is is courage or cowardice?



Contemplating Our Conclusions

This short post first appeared on the excellent blog, "Our Dinner Table" on February 27, 2013. It was written by Seth, a regular contributor to this site.

Short on words, long on potential for provoking thought about the conclusions we regularly accept because of the regularity of their repetition.

Signals Rather Than Causes

Being a homeowner makes one responsible.
More likely:
Responsible people become homeowners.

Going to preschool improves ones chances of success.
More likely:
Having parents that do a lot of things, including sending kids to preschool, improves ones chances of success.

A college degree increases your earnings.
More likely:
Ambitious folks find ways to make more money. I’ve heard of studies that look at non-college graduates that have similar ambition and work ethic as college graduates that show that they have about the same earnings as college graduates.

Countries with government health care have better health, as measured by life expectancy and infant mortality, than the U.S.
More likely:
Other factors like health habits, diet choices, demographics, lifestyle choices and differences in the way these health stats are tracked from country to country have bigger impact than whether the health care system is provided by government or not.

Can you think of any?